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Announcement: Forum Rules - PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING - Updated: June 8th, 2008

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Below is a list of some simple rules to keep in mind before posting a message on the forums.

Simple little rule, no spamming. This includes:
1.1 - Posting any advertisement not related to TreasureTrooper.
1.2 - Posting multiple messages containing the same or relatively same message.
1.3 - Posting short messages just to increase your post count.
1.4 - Posting referral links to websites (this includes treasuretrooper.com) in the body of the message, your signature (signatures may contain treasuretrooper.com referral links), or your profile.
1.5 - Posting links to personal websites that have referral links to other programs or mention other similar programs.
1.6 - Sending any of the above in a PM (Personal Message) to any other member on the TreasureTrooper Forums.
1.7 - Posting egg banners anywhere on the forums (posts, profile, PMs).

Disobeying this rule will give you a warning and possible moderator preview or post suspension depending on the severity of the rule breaking. Any reports of PM spamming will result in an increase of your warning level.

Something simple to remember, if it's a curse word, don't say it. Your post will be modified, and you will get a warning.

Please don't flame other members. Your post will be deleted, and you will be given a warning.

Please don't discuss canceling trials or services which you sign up for through Treasuretrooper.com. The advertisers pay money to get new members, not for people just to sign up for offers and cancel them. Breaking this rule will have your message deleted and be slapped with a warning.

Please don't discuss similar sites that relate to TreasureTrooper or can be a competitor to TreasureTrooper. Any mention of similar sites, such as in an image or just the mention of it, will result in a deletion or edit of your post and an increase of your warning level.

This question is asked over and over, and asking these questions will not help you in getting your offers approved faster. Your pending offer questions should be answered in this topic: http://forum.treasuretrooper.com/topic/9645-general-support-questions-answered-here/ . If you have other questions not covered in that topic, please submit a ticket via the SUPPORT tab on the main TreasureTrooper page. Posting about pending offers will result in topic deletion and a warning.

Any posts containing false information about TreasureTrooper will be modified or deleted. Depending on the severity of the falsified information, your warning level will be increased or your account will be put on suspension.

This question is also asked over and over again. Please check this topic first before asking any payment questions. If your question is still not answered, you may post on the forum or send a note to support@treasuretrooper.com. Any questions regarding your payment that were answered in the listed topic will be deleted.

Please use this button only to report posts which break the forum rules or report topics which are causing some controversy. Do not use it to make playful comments to moderators or to get our attention to a specific topic to answer your question. There's a reason it's there, so use it properly. Excessive improper use of this button will result in a warning and suspension of your account.

Asking for money on the forums is strictly prohibited, regardless of the situation. Your topic/post will be deleted, and your warning level will be increased.

Please keep all topics on subject to the forum you are posting in and to a point of having some usefulness on the TreasureTrooper forums. Making pointless topics will result in a deletion of said thread.

Signatures are limited to a specific size on the forums. The entire signature is limited to 550(width)x150(height), which includes images and text. Violating this rule will result in a deletion of your signature and an increase in your warning level.

Administrators and Moderators have the right to claim a specific rule has been broken and boost your warning level or ban you as a member of these forums at any time. Rules that may not be clearly defined in this set of rules but defined clearly in other places or to be determined by the administrators and or other moderators can be enforced at any time . Administrators and (or) Moderators at anytime have the right to delete your thread, suspend your account, and or limit your posting abilities.

Complaining about companies that were seen through offers is strictly prohibited if the complaint is in direct relationship to an issue that is resolved by reading the offer's Terms of Service.

Multiple forum accounts are strictly prohibited unless specific permission has been granted by the administrators of the forum. Creating multiple accounts will result in a ban of both accounts and an IP ban on the server.

Here at TreasureTrooper we are trying to make everyone feel welcome. However, the introduction of questionable content such as politics, religion, etc may cause issues in the community. When posting new content in a thread, signature, or private message please consider the thoughts of others when posting this content. If the content in question generates too many complaints and or leads to a violation of one or more of the rules above it will lead to content deletion and a warning level increase.

Warning levels help moderators and administrators to keep track of a member's abuse on the forums.
- If you have a total of three (3) warnings which have not been appealed through other actions, your account will be put into suspension mode for five (5) days.
- If you have a total of four (4) warnings which have not been appealed through other actions, your account will be put into suspension mode for fourteen (14) days.
- If you have a total of five (5) warnings which have not been appealed through other actions, your account will be put into suspension mode forever. Along with being suspended forever, all the posts you have made on the forums WILL be deleted.

The following aren't rules but simply tips to help get your question answered if you have any.

Please read the stickies before posting, most of your questions will almost always be posted in the stickies on each forum.

Please use the search function on this forum before posting a new topic. 99% of the time, your question has already been answered in another topic. Sometimes if we find an exact duplicate of the topic, we'll lock the topic and post a link to the previously created topic.

As always, keep the topics clean (PG-13 posts please!), friendly, and abiding by the above-mentioned rules. if you have any concerns about these rules or think something should be changed or added to this set of rules, please don't hesitate to contact any of the moderators or administrators of this forum. A list of them can be found here.