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Getting started with TreasureTrooper

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Posted 26 June 2006 - 02:33 PM

The following was originally posted by happymedium123

A lot of people have been asking questions about the free ($.50-$.75) offers. So I've come up with a little guide using info from other posts and my own ideas.

Earning Potential (International members, please see note at the bottom of this post.)

For those of you with no credit cards, you can still make a lot of money just doing the free offers. Right now there are over 150 free offers, and more are added regularly. So far I have made $30 doing free offers, and lots of people have made much more.

More info: http://forum.treasur...showtopic=14134

The Meaning of "With Intent to Participate"

Many people have asked how far into the survey they have to go for offers that say "enter email address with intent to participate." Usually these offers ask for 1) you email address or zip code, 2) your mailing address, 3) To answer some survey questions (mostly yes/no), and 4) for you to complete one or two other offers (most likely CC offers or paying offers). So how far do you have to go? Some people claim to have gotten offers approved by just entering their email address, but it is recommended that you answer the yes/no questions until you get to the end when the prize appears. You do not have to do the offers at the end to get credit!

More info: http://forum.treasur...showtopic=17470

How far to go


A common question about completing free offers is, "Will I get junk mail/phone calls if I give out my personal information?" The answer, in short, is yes. If you give out your email address, you will definitely get spam email- I get about 200 a day. But a good way to counteract that is to get an email address specifically for Treasure Trooper- that way, the spam won't get in the way of your other emails. As for giving out your mailing address, most people have found that they don't get too much junk mail, and nothing inappropriate. I think the average is one or two pieces a week. If you give out your phone number, you may get some phone calls. Members have recommended www.k7.net, evoice.com, or other free voicemail services to solve that problem.   So spam shouldn't really be an issue, as long as you take certain measures to avoid it.

More info: http://forum.treasur...p...056&hl=spam

Ok, the topic we've all been waiting for... (drum roll please  :P)

Approval Rates

Tons of people have been asking (and complaining) about the approval rates for free offers. So I'll give it to you straight: not all offers will approve the first (or second, or third) time you complete them. To "redo" an offer, you simply go to your Pending Offers, click on the link for the offer you have to redo, and fill in your information again. Most free offers will approve in 1-2 days (except for ones such as poetry.com, picture.com, ebay, and iWon) so if it hasn't approved in 3 days, it's safe to redo it. I was curious to see what the approval rate actually was for the free offers, so I made a little chart showing how many times I completed an offer before it was approved (I know, I'm a dork  :D ):

1. Free iPod- I
2. Free Smart Phone- I
3. Tik Tik Cash- I
4. Free Bowflex- I
5. Free Sony PSP- I
6. Free Olympus- I
7. Free Gift Card- I
8. Alienware Laptop- I
9. Nintendo DS- II
10. Vacuum- II
11. Mac Mini- III
12. Free Blue Tooth- III
13. Free Vacation- III
14. Circuit City- III
15. Texas Holdem- III
16. Free Lawn Mower- IIII
18. Free Razr- IIII
19. Ford/Chevy- IIII
20. Sephora- IIIII
21. Taylor Made- IIIII
22. Gym Pass- IIIII
23. Bose Sounddock- IIIII

I also have about 10 more free offers that still haven't approved, even after doing them 5 times. As you can see, not all of the offers approve the first time you do them. And approval rates are different for each person- one person could have an offer approve the first time they did it, while another person could have to complete the same offer five times to get it approved. I'm not sure if anyone knows exactly why this is, but there are some steps you can take to increase your approval rate:

1. Alternate between email addresses

If the offer requires an email address, having several different ones to give out greatly increases your chances of having the offer approve. Many people have quite a few email addresses they alternate between.

2. Don't do too many free offers at once

Most people recommend doing about 5 offers a day to maximize your chances of getting approved. Otherwise, you'll find yourself having to redo a lot of offers.

3. Don't clear your cookies while completing an offer

"Cookies" are pieces of info that are put on your computer when you visit a site. If you clear these while doing an offer, the site has no way of knowing that you were there. Some people recommend clearing your cookies before and after doing an offer, but I haven't noticed an increased approval rate from doing that.

More info: http://forum.treasur...mp;#entry123002

The bottom line: be patient. Lots of offers will have to be redone, and persistence is definitely required, but hey... it's a small price to pay for FREE money, isn't it?

International Members

International members (other than the UK and Canada) will have few or no offers, and they are not eligible to complete surveys. This is not TreasureTrooper's choice; the advertisers simply don't make offers/surveys available for other countries. In order to make money here, you'll need to use internet sources to recruit members from the U.S., UK, and Canada, and then, you'll receive a referral commission on their earnings.

THE END!!!  :D  :P  :lol:  ;)  B)

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Posted 26 June 2006 - 04:20 PM

We are going to talk about eight different topics
[*]  Checks/Paypal
[*] Referrals and your account removed  :angry:
[*] Payments from out of U.S / Payments made in U.S
[*]  Cookies/And approval rate
[*]  I didn't get paid this month  :angry:
[*]  Slot machine...Coming Soon to a Treasure Trooper near you
[*]  Pearls-coins-treasure hunts
[*] Quick but very helpful Info Q&A
Pleese check this page FIRST!

Breif Overview of Treasure Trooper:
You need money..FREE,EASY you have come to the right place.
TreasureTrooper is a long-standing site which actually pays its members to test free trials, complete surveys and complete offers! Many of the sponsor companies featured on TreasureTrooper are amongst the biggest around, including AOL, Discover, Citi, GM, Columbia House, BMG Direct, Greenfield Online and dozens of other top-notch establishments.

In addition to your money earned, you are also rewarded with virtual gold coins and various other treasures, all of which can be redeemed at TreasureTrooper's online store, as well as a special section of the website known as Mabutu's Trading Hut. Not only will you be receiving cash each month, but you are also able to participate in fun and breath-taking treasure hunts, which also have cash rewards for the winners!

To top it all off, TreasureTrooper dishes out a bonus of 20% to you for anything earned by members you refer to the site. Even members brought to the site by the ones you referred will give you an additional 5% bonus! As you can see, these rates add up quickly, and the more people you bring, the more money you will be paid!

Checks and Paypal

Well as some of you know that Paypal was removed from Treasure Trooper. Now newcomers even if you are the most honest person ever and your paypal is verified, you can't use that option it is checks only. To me it?s the something I like holding my money in my hand and not my computers hand. (sorry I'm not funny) :P

Referrals and your account removed

If you share a computer or live with somebody, you are not allowed to refer him or her. They are also not allowed to join, but they may complete offers on your account with their valid information.

You may not have had any fraudulent referrals and you still notice a decrease in your referral money. This happened because, one of your second level referrals was fraudulent. So if you referred person who referred his/her. You would still get the 20% from Person A, but you won't get the 5% from the second account because Person A had a fraudulent referral, which was removed.

Or if you didn't do anything wrong some of international member?s had some accounts have been deleted. If you are unable to log in to your Treasure Trooper account and you are certain that you did not commit fraud , email support@treasuretrooper.com, and wait to be contacted to provide information that supports your claim of innocence.
Doing US only offers from another country is fraud

Oh and by the way only one Treasure Trooper account making another one is a big no-no and a big ban. ;)

Payments from out of U.S / Payments made in U.S

The mail is not magic..., when it turns 12:00 AM June 15 the mail man is not going to come to your house and give you a check it take 4-7 Days to receive check.

And, yes International members can get paid too so don?t feel left out
Cookies and approval rate

Now some TT members you Mozilla FireFox Vs. IE no that is not going to change the approval rate and to make it go faster these tips might make it go faster:
1. Don't do to many in one day
2. Delete cookies to do that go to tools Internet Options Cookies and Click clear
3. And if you have a different e-mail use  it when your on the same webpage doing a different offer
I didn't get paid this month  :angry:

If you didn't get paid check out these bullets:
? You did not have $20 or over, on the last day on the month
? The information you provided for the mailing address was incorrect
? You have changed your minimum payout amount, over $20
? Or you check my pending offers by mistake (hey ,it could happen)
If you check all of those bullets wait for me to think of other reasons , or contact support@treasuretrooper.com.

Pearls-coins-treasure hunts

Pearls are well pearls you get one after you complete a offer. When you complete a offer you go in to a mini-game there are 3 clams, one has a peral inside and once you get 8 you can buy a Friendship braclet. That means the next 2 unreferred members of Treasure Troopers are yours!

Note: this might take longer then you expect.


In addition to your money earned, you are also rewarded with virtual gold coins that you can spend a Mabtus Trading hunt to buy items for example the forum Treasure hunt ticket.

Treasure Hunts

Every Month Treasure trooper forums has its annual Treasue hunts, so when you buy the ticket you hold the ability to participate in fun and breath-taking treasure hunts, which also have cash rewards for the winners.

Here?s the older treasure hunt Treasure Trooper has hosted:
Treasure Hunt #1: http://forum.treasur...?showtopic=8612
Treasure Hunt #2: http://forum.treasur...?showtopic=8698
Treasure Hunt #3: http://forum.treasur...?showtopic=8850
Treasure Hunt #4: http://forum.treasur...?showtopic=9018
Treasure Hunt #5: http://forum.treasur...?showtopic=9504
Treasure Hunt #6: http://forum.treasur...?showtopic=9757
Treasure Hunt #7: http://forum.treasur...showtopic=10282
Treasure Hunt #8: http://forum.treasur...showtopic=10912
Treasure Hunt #9: http://forum.treasur...showtopic=11858
Treasure Hunt #10: http://forum.treasur...showtopic=13669
Treasure Hunt #11: http://forum.treasur...showtopic=16001
Treasure Hunt #12: http://forum.treasur...showtopic=17258
Treasure Hunt #13:Whats Next???? Find out next month*gasp*


Quick but very helpful Info Q&A

Q:I have been referred ,will I lose money?
A:No but the person that referred you gets a little bonus (win-win ) ( so help a brother out and when some one gives you his/her referral link don?t cut out his/her number )

Q: Do i have to give my real info?
A: Quick and easy...Yes

Q: I have a very big problem but the Mods could not help me on this one where to I go?
A: support@treasuretrooper.com

Q:Will I get stuff in the mall and phone calls from adverisers?

A.short sweet and to the point you will(www.k7.net)
and you will get a small amount of mail

WOW I feel like Ask Amy,right now
Wow too much strict and not enough smiles  :D  :P  :blink:  :huh:  B)

EDIT:You have posted a message with more emoticons that this board allows. Please reduce the number of emoticons you've added to the message.. haha how did that happen


Copyright ? 2004-2005 Togg719, Inc. All Rights Reserved.<--- :blink:

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Posted 02 July 2006 - 10:58 PM

thanks a lot for telling me how do the offers right  :D  :D  :D

at first I did something wrong-I did about 50 offers the first day because I didn't really know how this worked so yeah......well theyr'e still there and theyr'e not going away.is that right?
Dude, don't you know the first law of physics? Everything that's fun costs at least 8 bucks.

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Posted 02 July 2006 - 11:22 PM

View Postalex3ka, on Jul 3 2006, 12:58 AM, said:

at first I did something wrong-I did about 50 offers the first day because I didn't really know how this worked so yeah......well theyr'e still there and theyr'e not going away.is that right?
Give them about 10-14 days, and then start redoing, a few at a time :P, any that you can.  Offers completed in June will be reset after July's payout if they haven't been approved yet, which means, simply, that they revert to Cash Offers, and you can try again from there (which is really no different from clicking them to redo from Pending unless you've gotten a pearl, in which case it's better to redo from Pending because the pearl gets lost when it goes back to Cash Offers). :)

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Posted 03 July 2006 - 10:18 AM

complete an offer, for example a survey, then it will move to your Pending Offers list. if it gets verified, you will be credited with whatever amount of money. payday is 15-20th of every month and whatever sum of money you've accumulated in the previous month, you will be paid for (ex. you have $150 by June 30th, you will be paid for it in July 15-20th).

if you put fraudulent information in any of your offers, your account will be deleted.
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Posted 14 October 2006 - 01:47 PM

View Postmassimo1127, on Sep 24 2006, 03:18 PM, said:

they dont use the same congrats system <_<
Guess that means you can't generalize? :lol: Here, I made some screenies just for you.  :)
Actually, they all are from the same company, so once you reach this point (very similar to the other offers' screenies, just look for the 'Last step'), then that means you are done.  ;)


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Posted 14 November 2006 - 11:28 PM

After you redo an offer that has been pending for a while, will the date change to the date of the redo? Or do you just have to keep track of it manually?
thank you
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Posted 14 November 2006 - 11:36 PM

View Postkb611, on Nov 14 2006, 11:28 PM, said:

After you redo an offer that has been pending for a while, will the date change to the date of the redo? Or do you just have to keep track of it manually?
thank you

Whenever you click on something in pending it will reset the claim date even if you don't work on it.

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Posted 16 November 2006 - 12:05 PM

Thank you...one more question please:

Does it matter if I log in from different computers? home  and work? could that be what is slowing up my approvals? it is getting very frustrating!
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Posted 16 November 2006 - 12:46 PM

View Postkb611, on Nov 16 2006, 12:05 PM, said:

Thank you...one more question please:

Does it matter if I log in from different computers? home  and work? could that be what is slowing up my approvals? it is getting very frustrating!

You can technically log on from wherever you want, but I'd be careful because some places have been known to work behind proxies which is illegal here.   Have you followed the steps for the free offers?  There is a link in my signature for more information how to do those successfully.  I do offers from work & home and I have not notice any different between the two.  However, I do know the privacy settings at work is much higher than at home so that could affect it.

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