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The Ultimate TreasureTrooper Guide

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#1 kst8no1



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Posted 05 June 2007 - 07:23 AM

The Ultimate TT guide done by Kaabi is over a year old and slightly outdated so I decided to help out and add some stuff to this and hopefully have it replace the older one.  Kudos to Kaabi and Cheesecycle for most of the orginal info.  Also if you did find the guide useful please vote "Yes" and if you didn't find it useful vote "No" and post what I did wrong and I'll fix/add it.  Feedback is important so the guide is as accurate as possible.


Offers are the most important part of TreasureTrooper. Even without a credit card, you can make over $50 with free offers, and if you have access to a credit card, you can make over $1000. There are many different kinds of offers: 100% Free, Free Trials, Shopping, and Credit Cards. Unfortuanately, if you don't have a credit card, you are basically restricted to the 100% Free section. However, and I give credit to DarknessUndead for this, if you get a Visa Gift Card, you can use it as a credit card on offers. This means that if you get a Visa Gift Card with just $5, you can do all the Free Trial offers that don't require any money (you can get these from  Mabutu or a local Simon store).

If you have more than one email address, it is good to switch them up between offers, as that is also a method of increasing verification odds. However, do not use emails that don't belong to you or you may get banned!
Don't do all the low-paying offers all in one day. This decreases your chances of verification. If you do 5 a day, then wait till the next day, you have a better chance of verification.

Just because you've made a lot with the low-paying offers is no excuse not to go for higher ones. For younger people (17 and younger), talk with your parents about TreasureTrooper, and explain to them how it works, and try to get them to help you make money with TreasureTrooper by having them let you use their credit card. Don't steal it, though, because if something goes wrong then you'll have a hard time telling you parents.  And you really don't want to explain how you got charged $50 from True.com.

After each offer has approved along with the cash value of the offer you also receive gold coins.  

Gold coins can be used to buy items at Mabutus Hut discussed later in the guide.  
Posted Image

Also after you complete an offer you have a chance to win a pearl from the pearl game.  Hidden in 1 of 3 clams is a pearl that can be used to buy the friendship bracelet at Mabutus Hut, can you find it?
Posted Image

Some offers don't pay out in cash and gold coins, but instead pay out in Platinum Coins.  Platinum coins can also be used at Mabutus Hut to buy Gift Cards, an iPod, and even an XBox360!
Posted Image

Keep in mind offers can take from 1 day-2 weeks to approve.  Try to avoid panic attacks because after an hour an offer hasn't approved.  Also don't open 4000 topics on how your offer is still pending after a day or so, don't give empressmom a reason to slap you.

For those of you who are confused on how to complete the freebie offers heres a step-by-step picture tutorial on how to fully complete an offer (NOTE: Although you dont need to fully complete an offer to have it credit, the farther you go the better the chance of approval):

Opening Page

Posted Image
The opening page will have you enter either a zip code or email address.  USE TRUTHFUL INFORMATION HERE.

Personal Information

Posted Image
This page is where you enter your personal information.  Name, address, location, age, and gender are required.  USE TRUTHFUL INFORMATION HERE.

Yes&No Sections

Posted Image
After the Personal Information section, you will come across sections asking you if you want additional information on certain products.  These are known as the Yes&No parts of offers.  On average you can expect from 3-6 Yes&No sections per offer.

Additional Offers

Posted Image
In between the Yes&No sections are additional full page offers.  All you have to do is scroll down and "skip" the offer, or fill out the information and hit "submit".

Silver, Gold, and Platinum offers

Posted Image
Posted Image
Once you pass the Yes&No section of the offer you'll stumble upon the "silver, Gold" and Platinum offers.  You do NOT need to complete this offers for TreasureTrooper's approval, so if you want to not do any of these offers that is fine.  Just scroll down and hit the highlighted link shown above.  (NOTE: the links are at the bottom of each page, although they are different per page.)


The Shopping section allows you to receive cashback on everyday purchases. TreasureTrooper is affiliated with hundreds of merchants who will give you a percentage of cashback on things you buy everday. Since you already buy this stuff, why not do it through TreasureTrooper? You can save between just $1 on somethings while you can save more than $10 on other purchases. Don't say "oh, well the savings are so low it's not worth it." If you start buying all your stuff on TreasureTrooper, you will save hundreds of dollars over the months.  I personally have saved $37.

Daily Surveys

Daily Surveys allow you to fill out...well daily surveys for $.75 every time.  You can only take 1 every day and they can last from 5-30 minutes in length.  You wont get credited until you end up at the TreasureTrooper "Congrats" screen (below).  Daily Surveys wont credit until 1pm EST the next day unless you do a Daily Survey on a Friday or Saturday- then those will approve at 1pm EST on Monday.  Daily Surveys are for US members only.
Update: Daily Survey #1 was released for UK members as well.

Posted Image

Now Treasure Trooper has added a second daily survey worth $1!  You can only complete one every 24 hours, but credits nearly instantly!  Go try one out!

Posted Image
Posted Image


Everybody wants referrals. Why? It's free money! Everyone wants to collect on what other people earn. On TreasureTrooper, you get 20% of what your first level referrals earn through offers (only those that pay money, not platinum coins, scales, or arrowheads) and shopping, and 5% of what your second levels earn from those same sources. You only earn the percentage of the offers that are verified, not their referral earnings or offers pending.

How do you get referrals? There are a number of ways. The most popular is posting on forums. This is not easy as it sounds. Most of the time, you are ridiculed and labeled a spammer for posting a referral link. I've found that if you make 10-15 posts, then make a casual TreasureTrooper post on the forum, you'll make a lot more. Don't hide your referral link, it makes you look suspicious. Say something like "here's my referral link, I get 20% of whatever you make (as a bonus). Feel free to remove the extension and sign up regularly, I'm just trying to help out." People probably won't remove the extention, because you are not being sneaky and since you have already made preliminary posts, you are not thought of as a spammer. DO NOT POST ON FORUMS OR TOPICS THAT HAVE RULES AGAINST COMMERCIAL POSTING.

Also, flyers are a good way to get referrals. It's a little extra work, but if you acquire a flyer from Treasure, make 30 copies, and put it in doors or on car windshields, you could end up getting a lot of referrals. If just one of those people gets really excited about TreasureTrooper and refers a lot of people, that gets you a heap of second levels.  Heres a link to a flyer generator: Flyer Guide

Speaking of second levels, focus on getting them, too. Now you might ask "how do I focus on getting second level referrals?" Well, here's a great tip. Find webmasters will relatively big or budding sites, and explain to them about TreasureTrooper and how it can make them money. Have them sign up under you and put their referral link on their site, and the second levels will start rolling in. It might only get you 5%, but there is power in numbers.

You can also see all your referrals under the "Contact my Referrals" link on your My Treasure Page.  Once the new page opens you will see all you referrals plus colored circles next to each number.  Heres a key to what they mean:

Posted Image

Payment Options

TreasureTrooper pays by check and PayPal is back as a payment option!  But it must be an US or UK verified account.  See the announcement here along with other future implements:  Treasure Trooper's To-Do List

How Payment Works

The offers that you completed for each month will be processed around the 15th of the next month and sent out shortly after. (Example "Month A"'s payment will be processed on the 15th of "Month B" and will be sent in the next few weeks). Offers can be approved in the same month as payment, but must be completed in the previous month.

Example 1If you complete $25 in offers in February but only $20 worth are approved before the 15th of March, you will receive $20 at the end of March.

Example 2: If you have $10 in offers approved for February and $10 in offers approved for March, you will receive $20 at the end of April.

Example 3: If you complete $20 in offers in February and none are approved until after the last day in February, but all are approved before March 15th; you will still receive $20 at the end of March.

Reasons for nonpayment:

/\ You have not reached the minimum payout of $20 for this month.
\/ Fix: You will need to wait until next month to receive payment, and you need to read the "How it works" part above, again.

/\ You have not entered your check information fully/correctly.
\/ Fix: Go to My Account and fill in your full name and address.

/\ You did not receive a Paypal payment and have met the $20 minimum the previous month.
\/ Fix: Your Paypal account is most likely not verified. Either verify your account or change you settings to receive a check.

Buried Treasure

Buried Treasure is a feature that allows you to earn $2 every 5 days of the month (that is, on the 5th, the 10th, etc.), which could be up to $12 a month (except Feburary).  All you do is complete offers for a chance to earn the $2.  The more offers you complete the better chance you have of earning $1 or $2.

Posted Image


There are many different things that you can acquire at TreasureTrooper. Gold coins, pearls, gems, and map pieces. Gold coins are acquired through completing offers and are used to buy things from Mabutu's Trading Hut. Also, pearls are acquired through playing the Pearl game. At the Trading Hut, you can buy:

A Forum Treasure Hunt Ticket (3 gold coins)
Posted Image
The ticket lets you participate in the monthly forum Treasure Hunts

Treasure Map Fragment (10 gold coins)
Posted Image
The Treasure Map Fragments (there are 4 of them) will allow you to go on the $100 Treasure Hunt

Ruby (15 gold coins)
Posted Image
The Ruby is a gem, it is unknown as to what it does

Pearl Friendship Bracelet (8 pearls)
Posted Image
Pearl Friendship Bracelet gets you 2 "free" referrals

Treasure Journal Pages (10 gold coins each)
Posted Image
Treasure Journal Pages are a collection of findings from Prof. Cogg about certain things about TreasureTrooper I wonder what they are...

Mabutu's Secret (15 gold coins)
Posted Image
Mabutu's Secret... well, can't say because it wouldnt be a secret

Mousepad (20 gold coins)
Posted Image
Mousepad is...well...a TreasureTrooper mousepad

Bumpersticker (25 gold coins)
Posted Image
The bumpersticker can be put on your car and if its spotted by one of TreasureTrooper's "spotters" you can win $500!  
Heres a link to register: TreasureTrooper Bumper Sticker Contest

There are six gems total that can be obtained.  They are the ruby, sapphire, emerald, amethyst, topaz, and diamond. It is unknown as to what they do, but try to collect them all!

Heres a chart for the gems and how to obtain them:

: is the gem you get for completing enough cash value in offers. Start on those offers, guys.
Posted Image

Diamond: is one of the most sought after gem in all of Treasure Trooper. It appears when you successfully complete a specific offer; this varies from person to person, so it's up to you to find your own lucky one!
Posted Image

Emerald: is the referral gem, so get on those referrals.
Posted Image

Amethyst: is earned as you use the Cash Shopping section and make a certain amount.
Posted Image

Ruby: is found in Mabutu's trading hut. It costs 15 gold coins and is said to be worth it.
Posted Image

Topaz: is the newest added gem, and it's related to the Cash Surveys section.
Posted Image

For a more detailed look at items and other features look here: Items & Features

$100 Treasure Hunt

Launched in March of 2007 the $100 Treasure Hunt is the most talked about features in the TreasureTrooper community.  Once you buy 4 map pieces from Mabutu (40 gold coins total), you can begin your quest by clicking on the blue link below the map that reads "Go on Treasure Hunt" (below)

Posted Image

After you click the link you can begin your journey to recover the Lost Statue of the Mambiko Tribe.  It will take brains, guts, and a little luck to get through the Hunt, but once you finish, you'll be glad you took the chance.  

Posted Image

Miscellaneous Info

-TreasureTrooper has a shop, it is located at Treasure Trooper Cafe Press

-Many contests are held in the Contests section of the TreasureTrooper forum, so check it frequently.

-One good referral is worth more than 1000 bad referrals, so concentrate on helping each one of your (known) referrals. If they tell you to back off though, do it. Nobody likes a Harassing Harry.

-TreasureTrooper has a new TV ad up for viewing!  View it on the main page or click here (the red icon at the bottom): Treasure Trooper Commercial

- TreasureTracker is a great way to get referrals. Enter your bills serial numbers on the site and write the URL on the bill, then just sit back and let the bills circulate.

Fantastic guide, kst8no1! Much appreciated by all of the TT community! :D

06/05/07 (V1.0)- Released Main page guide.
06/05/07 (V1.1)- Released Forum guide.
06/15/07 (V1.2)- Added pictures of treasures.
06/18/07 (V1.3)- Added a sub-section under Offers to show how to complete the "freebie" offers.
06/30/07 (V1.4)- Updated payment process.
08/25/07 (V1.5)- Added more pictures for Jacks Jackpot, Buried Treasure, and made the Mabutus Hut Items section easiere to understand.
10/21/07 (V1.6)- Re-did Payment Options and made links to pages neater.
1/2/07 (V1.7)- Updated Daily Surveys and added pictures
7/22/08 (V1.8) - Updated out-dated information (britt)
6/13/08 (V1.9) - Updated out-dated information (britt)

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Posted 07 September 2007 - 06:39 PM

Awsome guide it helped alot :)
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Posted 18 September 2007 - 10:00 PM

I forgot to thank you for the guide. This helped me very much when I first joined. Now I've passed the 500 dollar mark =D
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#4 g35driver



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Posted 18 September 2007 - 10:42 PM

good info!!!

#5 Baltozmom



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Posted 05 October 2007 - 09:11 PM

;)  Thank you.  I am a new user and this is one of the posts that has helped me alot! Thank you!

#6 melthegreat



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Posted 05 October 2007 - 11:49 PM

Thank you! This guide also helped me a lot. :)

#7 jackpotmoney



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Posted 20 October 2007 - 10:24 PM

you should revise the payment. PAYPAL is now an option for payment if you want to.


#8 Moktail


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Posted 13 November 2007 - 12:02 PM

Great guide.

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Posted 20 November 2007 - 08:00 AM

where is the sig maker?

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Posted 21 November 2007 - 12:12 AM

View Posthe1kitty, on Nov 20 2007, 09:00 AM, said:

where is the sig maker?
It's currently down for improvements, but the word is that it should be back soon! Stay tuned. :)

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