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Shopping Credits Approved

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#1 xx3lit3xx


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Posted 25 November 2007 - 09:30 PM

Well I started this thread because I thought people could share any Shopping Credits they did so people will get a better idea of which sites people access the most that pay in cashback. So everytime you post I will update the list.  Posted Image

! ! ! ! ! NEVER FEAR NIKKUMS IS HERE ! ! ! ! !
Since the creator of this thread hasn't been active on the Forums since April 2009,
I decided to take over the thread and get it back on track.


1-800-Flowers - Riyko, airforcebigtank, Wishes, devildog1540, airforcebigtank, vickers

1-800-PetMeds - LittleFrog, br1atha, PatrickJonathan, Laura, harmaa, scanc2211

101inks - vickersja, Shaggyman

4 All Memory - nikkums, devildog1540

Alibris - sponge999, ttlydia, Laura, barbi, ksbear28, elbichoazul, fluffytimmy, Wishes, drimp607, the--maggot

AllPosters.com - airforcebigtank

Angie's List - TMalone, ScottieJ, crimsontrauma, amystri ***Appears To Require Manual Approval Through Support***

Apple iTunes- empressmom, kst8no1, chewyfruithgem, crabbyowl, nikkums, Nate, Ayla, 4mrmcdman, elbichoazul, wcellison01, dbcomputers01, StayGold, twistnshout, moomoofarm123, TMalone, ryan337lee, Adam1683, McGriddle, laphotographieestbadprograme

AppliancePartsPros.com - vickersja

Auto Parts Warehouse - replymail2009

Avon - tigereyes19806, Ayla, hoss_1987, Wishes, saiyank

Barnes&Noble - multifaceted, Miexon, StayGold

Beauty.com - ksbear28, moomoofarm123

Best Buy - kst8no1, Laura, Brotherhood313, elbichoazul

Bookbyte.com - elbichoazul

BookRenter.com - roeknows, ironman_101

Buy.com - saiyank, moomoofarm123

Camping World - Laura

Carrot Ink - Makaveliarts, airforcebigtank, lukepukeduke

Catherines - pusiwillow

CCS.com - TheSkiz

Cell Phone Shop - the--maggot, moomoofarm123

Chegg (Textbooks) - Miexon

Chemistry.com - Hawkeye, frenchromance

Cherly & Co. - giocoangola, jbrooks197

CircuitCity.com - multifaceted, Makaveliarts

Coastal Contacts - little1lz

CollegeBookRenter.com - roeknows

Colorful Images - he1kitty

Current Labels - lukepukeduke

dELiA*s - barbi

DisneyStore - saiyank

Eastbay - LittleFrog, champbronc, Megan, Lovey

Fingerhut - roofah, Frankiecasino, Shaggyman

Flower.com - giocoangola, JMP, empressmom, elbichoazul

Footlocker - LittleFrog, Laura, thelilymaid

FragranceNet - LittleFrog, lovingfamilyof5, ttlydia, mandyky20

F.Y.E. - vadelon

HandHeldItems - elbichoazul

HotelsCombined.com - laphotographieestbadprograme, Riyko

Hotwire - ttlydia, fkbsar

ICE - LittleFrog

International Jock - elbichoazul

InterstateBatteries.com- elbichoazul

J&R Computer/Music World - JMP, mandyky20

JewelryWeb.com - mandyky20

KNetGolf - MonkeyMan22

LEGO Store - roeknows

Limoges Jewelry - lovingfamilyof5, nikkums

Macys - dctli, Darkchest, SolidOrangeFan

Magazines.com - LittleFrog, JerrySizzler, Sabelis, jenstar29, Hawkeye, MonkeyMan22, akn1029, kst8no1, ttlydia, JMP, nasrin, Frankiecasino, brittmarie, harmaa, brandond2008, nikkums, willjaysmom, pusiwillow, thelilymaid, Lovey, mandyky20, beth82, allredcans, AGNJoe, Brotherhood313, Zach360, elfick, Miexon, WhoKid, saiyank, vasanth_ece, zeroneon, StephMohr09, vickersja, amystri, Makaveliarts, jbrooks197, Radejr, McGriddle, Adam1683, Shaggyman

Masseys - multifaceted

Match.com - AdamT, JMP, brandond2008, jenstar29, nikkums, 4mrmcdman, Brotherhood313, vasanth_ece, twistnshout

Miles Kimball - nasrin

Murad - laphotographieestbadprograme

Newegg - bverfever, saiyank

Norton By Symantec - Makaveliarts

NutriSystem - OGMaverick, Baltozmom

Omaha Steaks - Lovey, devildog1540

OnlineShoes.com - kyndranna

Orbitz - barbi

PCMall - Makaveliarts

Perfume Worldwide - giocoangola

PersonalizationMall.com - JMP, nikkums

PETCO - elbichoazul

PetSmart - empressmom, Sabelis, barbi, nessainlalaland, pusiwillow, roeknows, moomoofarm123

RiffTrax.com - ryan337lee

SecondSpin - kainemaxwell, Laura, thelilymaid

Sharper Image - jbrooks197

ShoeBuy.com - sammy_s93

Shop4Tech - Sabelis, kst8no1, Jacob, devildog1540

Sierra Trading Post - devildog1540

Skype - Joeko

SmallFlower.com - vickers

SnapFish.com By HP - iliveonarainbow

Spirit Halloween - Riyko

Staples - moomoofarm123

Straight Talk - ChrisMMcD, Makaveliarts

TextbookX - Laura, nessainlalaland

The Popcorn Factory - elbichoazul, jbrooks197

TigerDirect - dctli, ladysun, ryan337lee

Toshiba - PatrickJonathan, Riyko

Vista Print - moomoofarm123, Shaggyman

Vital Savings by Aetna - PatrickJonathan

Vitamin World - Jacob, ironman_101

Wal-Mart - Blight, empressmom, LittleFrog, Sabelis, PatrickJonathan, jenstar29, giocoangola, nasrin, kst8no1, ttlydia, Laura, bshipqueen, TheSkiz, AdamT, queenofthafam, JMP, namaste, Megan, nasrin, peu_c2000, elbichoazul, mretzloff, nikkums, ladysun, 4mrmcdman, thelilymaid, mandyky20, Jacob, fluffytimmy, Zach360, airforcebigtank, watchtower360, TMalone, lukepukeduke, roeknows, Miexon, crimsontrauma, yearningyeti, StephanieBeth, devildog1540, saiyank, the--maggot, vickersja, moomoofarm123, Radejr, McGriddle, Riyko, ryan337lee, Riyko, Shaggyman

Walgreens - PracticalDreamer

WiseFoodStorage.com - airforcebigtank


Acorn Online - ladysun
AllZines - Sabelis, Laura
Apple Store - JMP
Bag Borrow or Steal - Pathy
Blue Dolphin Group - JerrySizzler, Sabelis, TheSkiz
Boca Java - Laura
Casual Living - pusiwillow
Cendant Hotel Group - Sabelis
Circuit City - Brotherhood313
Critic's Choice Video - elbichoazul
DicksSportingGoods - Laura
Disney Shopping - giocoangola
DR.Soy Snacks - PatrickJonathan
Elf Cosmetics - barbi
ESPN Shop - kst8no1
eToys.com - roeknows
Expedia.com - ttlydia
Frederick's of Hollywood - JMP
FreshPair.com - Laura
From You Flowers - Laura
Happy Bid Day - lukepukeduke
iNikeSneakers.com - angle333
Just Because Baskets - Laura
KBToys.com - ladysun
Linens 'N Things - giocoangola, Darkchest, Laura
MagazineLine.com - mandyky20
MCSports.com - eagle0103
MediFocus - Hawkeye
Nordstroms - JerrySizzler
Oriental Trading Company - nasrin, mandyky20
Overstock.com - Laura, JMP, nasrin, Darkchest, mretzloff, ladysun
Pitney Bowes - peu_c2000, lovingfamilyof5, timage1, he1kitty
Sharper Image - br1atha
ShoeTrader- empressmom
SHOP.com - Laura
Tabasco.com - Riyko
ValoreBooks.com - Laura
Vitacost - JerrySizzler
ZIRH - nessainlalaland

#2 blight



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Posted 25 November 2007 - 09:35 PM

Not sure if there is a thread like this alread or not but i Did Walmarts and it credited same week

Posted Image

#3 OG Maverick

OG Maverick


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Posted 25 November 2007 - 09:49 PM

I ordered something from Nutrisystem for my mom a while ago and it credited no problem.

Cash shopping credits.....They can look into it and get it credited for you unlike offers.


#4 empressmom



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Posted 25 November 2007 - 10:05 PM

As OG Maverick mentioned, support will look into shopping that hasn't credited after a few weeks if you send them your full order information and your referral ID#.

By the way, I've had shopping credit from WalMart, Apple iTunes, PetSmart, and Shoe Trader. :)


#5 xx3lit3xx


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Posted 25 November 2007 - 10:15 PM

I guess. But I mean its just incase since what if the link is dead? Or possibly its a scam? Well possibly 99% it wont but still. You cant be never to careful. Anywho is it ok that i made this to help people?

#6 empressmom



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Posted 25 November 2007 - 10:28 PM

View Postxx3lit3xx, on Nov 25 2007, 11:15 PM, said:

I guess. But I mean its just incase since what if the link is dead? Or possibly its a scam? Well possibly 99% it wont but still. You cant be never to careful. Anywho is it ok that i made this to help people?
If the link is dead, then someone couldn't have have shopped through it, so approval or non-approval is not in question.

And if any of the shopping links could even remotely be considered a scam, it's news to me, and I've been very active here for well over a year and a half....

Yes, it's fine to post shopping that has approved, but as I said, posting what's not approved is misleading, and you simply can't count on people to come back and say, "Oh yeah, that one I was worried about? It came through yesterday."

For example, in the other thread where you had the idea to post this one, someone said basically, "I shopped on Tuesday, and it hasn't credited." That would NOT be a valid listing as "not approved." As I said there, shopping is a manual approval, and there simply hasn't been time. At best, it takes a couple of days, and a couple of days after Tuesday was Thanksgiving! :blink:

How are you going to decide what's the proper length of time for someone to wait before concluding that something isn't going to credit? And how are you going to know whether or not the person has made an inquiry to support and if so, the results of that inquiry? The bottom line is that much of the time, you won't. People tend to complain, but they don't necessarily clear their prior complaint when it's resolved.

Anybody who had shopping not approve most likely didn't use the link (or navigated away and then came back without re-using the link), bought something that's excluded (e.g., prescriptions or gift cards), or didn't follow up with support.

#7 xx3lit3xx


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Posted 25 November 2007 - 10:32 PM

I see your point...OK :)

#8 giocoangola


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Posted 26 November 2007 - 08:07 AM

I'm so Happy my first cash shopping (both approved after 5 days....pretty quickly)  :rolleyes:  :) hooray



#9 kainemaxwell



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Posted 26 November 2007 - 08:30 AM

Had SecondSpin approve for me this am.

My Referral Link:  http://www.treasuretrooper.com/287469
tt id # 287469.

#10 dctli


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Posted 26 November 2007 - 09:51 AM

I have had the following approve:

Posted Image
Posted Image

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