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Should parents lose the custody of their obese kids?

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Poll: Should parents lose the custody of their obese kids? (23 member(s) have cast votes)

Should parents lose the custody of their obese kids?

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#1 Guest_anthony06914_*

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Posted 13 July 2011 - 02:51 PM

Should parents lose the custody of their obese kids?
What do you think ? Should they or shouldn't they ?

But before  answer that question ,make sure you
check out this article at this link:


an after you get done checking  out the article at that link ,
then make sure you
come back here and give your opinion on whether if you
think parent's should or

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#2 pirateswench


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Posted 13 July 2011 - 03:36 PM

I think it probably depends on the situation. Did the kid or kids get that way through obvious neglect on the part of the parent/parents or is there some sort of medical condition that is causing the obesity and not really the fault of the parents? As the article stated there is a lot of pressure on teens now days through advertising and peer pressure to do and eat certain things. Teens are hard to control sometimes as it is. Now when I was growing up there wasn't an obesity problem amongst children because we didn't really sit in the house parked in front of the TV or video games all day long. Some schools now days don't force physical education classes like they used to so the kids are getting less exercise. A parent can't be monitoring their kids 24/7 when they have to work to support them and the kids go to school and consume junk food or whatever it is they eat that cause them to be overweight. And healthy food does cost more than junk/fast food which could be another factor in the equation. I think that the government already intervenes too much in peoples lives and taking away children just because they are overweight seems a little much. Instead they should be more vigilant in cases of reported child abuse. It is always sad to see a new report about the death of a child that the family was reported to the authorities for abuse and nothing was ever done to investigate the family. Anyway, interesting topic and sadly is becoming an issue because there is a lot of obese children. Maybe some of those families just need some better education about proper food choices and meal preparation or access to affordable, healthy foods.
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#3 Punkyc7



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Posted 13 July 2011 - 04:33 PM

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#4 iYuuki



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Posted 13 July 2011 - 07:05 PM

I think it depends on the situation as well.  Obviously, there are health problems that could cause weight gain, so if the child has one of these health problems, the child should not be taken away.

Now, the article mentions a 90-pound three year old. In my opinion, this is pure child neglect, and in a case like that, the child should absolutely be taken away. At that age, the kid has almost no choice in what they eat, it's completely up to the parent. In a case like this, there is simply no excuse, and the kid needs to get away from parents like that. (I really don't believe money has much to do with it; considering that I've cashiered and seen many families buy nothing but junk with their $500 worth of monthly food stamps. Not to mention, my own family has always been rather poor, so I've never eaten particularly healthy myself, but I've never been even close to overweight.)

When it comes to older kids though.... there's simply not much you can do. A parent can't control what their child eats at school or at a friend's house. It would be wrong for the parent to get in trouble for something they have such little control over.
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#5 Hawkeye



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Posted 13 July 2011 - 07:56 PM

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#6 Treasure



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Posted 14 July 2011 - 02:03 PM

Haha this sounds like communism!  Where do we draw the line.  Should they lose custody if their kid is the dumbest in their class for "neglecting" to edumacate them?

#7 TreasureTech



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Posted 15 July 2011 - 07:21 AM

All of you seem to take the concept of parenthood lightly. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that most if not all of you who said yes don't have kids. But disregarding the emotional side of this, under our constitution, we are supposed to have a LIMITED government....taking kids away because they're fat is pretty far reaching and unlimited if you ask me.

On another note, the definition of "obese" has changed over the years, which is another cause of a higher count of obese kids. My ex wife was chubby, but was she obese? No. Yet according to medical charts? Morbidly obese.

As society "progresses", even the medical community can't escape their ideal Barbie Doll 6'1", 95lbs, DD cup size thoughts. That's why people who were once considered "skinny" are now considered "normal" and people who are plain, simple, and clearly healthy are considered "overweight"...where does that put the people who were once "overweight"?

But those of you who said yes, be warned. If your kid is 1 pound overweight, I'm coming to take them!  :ph34r:
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#8 frenchromance


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Posted 03 January 2012 - 08:15 PM

I would say yes and no. Just for the simple fact your putting your child in a bad state of mind. You can harm your child in multiple ways. Some parents have no control of what their children will do. But it can deff be fixed.

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#9 jackpotmoney



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Posted 05 January 2012 - 05:07 PM

No, it would be ridiculous. Sure, it is wrong these parents to do it, but what happens when they grow up and their negative impact if they lose custody?

#10 zora



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Posted 07 January 2012 - 07:24 PM

wow this question is definitely good for an essay lol :)
should parents lose their obese kids - in my opinion, I see this as causing more harm than good to be honest; the child would be separated from their parent and become more depressed. Taking the child away from their parents honestly would cause even more psychological problems in the long run; yea temporarily you can stop the kid from eating but really another problem would pop right up. Honestly, instead of using that money to transfer the kid to a different home and uprooting their environment, wouldn't it be better to have therapy or counseling to help with the (over)eating if that indeed is the case (others may have a slow metabolism, etc or other factors totally out of their control.

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