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IRC Clients / Chat Room

helping to access tt chat

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#1 nikkums



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Posted 21 November 2012 - 02:08 PM

Ever since the newer version of Java and FireFox came out, it's become more and more complicated for some members to access the chat room. Even when we suggest installing older versions, using different browsers, ect., it still does not always work and several members are still unable to access chat no matter what.

Assuming the issue ties with Java and different versions of web browsers, I know there is a way around that. There are several versions of IRC clients that you can download and use that will let you access the chat room. I know they require more detailed information after being downloaded to insure you connect in to the chat room properly, otherwise it will not work. However, I cannot provide this information because I have no experience with any IRC clients.

I would be highly appreciative if anyone that uses an IRC client (preferrably free) of any sort to access that Treasure Trooper Chat Room, could reply to this thread and include a tutorial of the IRC client you use and the specific information you need to have inputted to successfully connect to the chat room.

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#2 ryan337lee


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Posted 22 November 2012 - 06:15 AM

Supposedly XChat is a very lightweight easy to use irc.  See XChat: Quick Start Guide, the download is the at the very top right corner of the page.
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#3 ryan337lee


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Posted 01 December 2012 - 09:51 PM

Okay, I really should have looked into how XChat works before I suggested it.  Well if anyone wants to try it out here are some quick instructions on how to use it.

1. Download it here
2. Run it
3. Fill in the user info: I'd recommend putting your chat nick in all the fields
4. Add Network (call it whatever you want, TTChat if you want)
5. Edit...
---- The server is irc.TreasureTrooperchat.com
---- under Nickserv password: put your password in
6. Connect
7. Under Server select Join a Channel

That should do it.  There are probably a bunch of nice things you can do with XChat, so if you can't use the normal route to getting onto Chat, try it out.
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#4 Riyko


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Posted 17 December 2012 - 07:10 PM

This is for AndroIRC for Android Phones (Screenshots included)

1. go to the play store search AndroIRC and download (it's free)
2. after installing open up the program
Posted Image

3. After you've opened the program, click to open the menu (it depends on your phone)
Posted Image

4. On the menu bar click options

5. Once in options click on servers
Posted Image

6. Click on the top server and hit edit
Posted Image

7. Once in the server menu follow these instructions:
Posted Image

a. Name: enter a name you want to show for the chat (I use ttchat)
b. Address: host of the chatroom you want to join
for tt it's irc.treasuretrooperchat.com
c. Port: keep it at the default 6667
d. Password: This is where you enter your TT chat password
e. Nickname: This is where you enter your TT chat username
everything else leave alone

8.Go back to the option screen
*** As seen on number 5

9.Click on Channels
a. click on the server name you created for Treasure trooper

10. Create channel
once you've clicked on the server, go to the menu and click add channel
a. Name the channel: Treasuretrooper

Now you are all done and free to enjoy using TreasureTrooper on your mobile android device.

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#5 justinjkcatlover



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Posted 27 December 2012 - 01:41 PM

I have been using mIRC for years. It's only available for Windows, and I don't believe it is a free program. They used to allow you to use it even past the 30 day trial, but I'm not sure if that has changed. I bought a license because it was very cheap, but I'm sure not everyone wants to pay money just to use the Treasure Trooper chat room.

I would say the best solution would be to start linking to a flash client rather than the java client for TreasureTrooper members.

Here is the one I had in mind: http://www.lightirc.com/

There is only one small complication which is this:


Due to the socket security policy Adobe introduced with Flash Player 9,0,124 you are forced to have a daemon that delivers a crossdomain.xml to allow establishing a connection.

Instructions on how to set this up are here: http://redmine.light...up_instructions

I've never personally set up a server, but I've used the lightirc flash client and it seems to work great.

Best part is that Google Chrome has adobe flash player built-in, and otherwise most people already have adobe flash installed for their current browser already.
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#6 TreasureTech



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Posted 27 December 2012 - 04:55 PM

For many reasons, we will not be migrating to a flash based IRC client at this time.
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#7 kaiser10123



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Posted 17 January 2013 - 01:42 PM

Hey are there any portable irc clients i can use to access the chat on a pc I do not have admin rights on?
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#8 Bug



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Posted 27 January 2013 - 04:17 PM

You can also access the chat on your iPad. Kinda cool. I use the app called IRC999. You can download it from the app store on your iPad for free. Then follow the instructions from above. The server is irc.TreasureTrooperchat.com. The channel is #TreasureTrooper (with the hash in front). Your nick, username, password, etc. It will connect once you have all that entered automatically.
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#9 jenstar29


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Posted 06 April 2015 - 05:47 PM

Hexchat is a free, open-source irc (internet relay chat) client that you can install on your personal computer in order to connect to the TreasureTrooper chat room. You may wish to use hexchat if you are having difficulties connecting to the chatroom with the browser java-based client. Using an internet relay chat client has advantages, including being able to keep your chat activities independent of your browser activities. To use Hexchat:

1. Do a Google Search for "hexchat" or simply browse to this website: https://hexchat.github.io/ and click on "Get Downloads"

Posted Image

2. For Windows, choose the link: x86 / x64

Posted Image

3. After the hexchat executable .exe has downloaded, double-click on the downloaded file, which is called: Posted Image

**** Note that your version may be different depending on the current version at the time ****

4. If you get a Windows Security warning dialog box, click "Run" to allow the installation to take place.

Posted Image

5. Click Next to begin the Setup Wizard

Posted Image

6. Click Next to accept the user license agreement

Posted Image

7. You can leave the default installation folder or change if you wish, then click Next

Posted Image

8. You can accept the defaults for the Select Components dialog box, then click Next

Posted Image

9. You can accept the defaults for the Select Additional Tasks dialog box and click Next to continue

Posted Image

10. Click Install to proceed.

Posted Image

11. You can accept the defaults and click Finish

Posted Image

12. The installation has finished and you should see a dialog box to begin setting up hexchat. Enter:
  • Nick name  (your chat nickname - I used mine in the example)
  • Second choice (must be a slight variation on your chat nickname but not identical, see my example)
  • Third choice (your chat nickname)
  • User Name (your chat nickname)
Then, under the Networks area, click the Add button and you will see an area that says New Network. Type in a name for your Network and then hit [Enter] for it to take.  In my example, my network is called: New Network TT. You can name this entry as you wish.

Posted Image

13. With your New Network selected, click the Edit button.

Posted Image

14. You will be on the Servers configuration tab. Click the Add button as shown in Part A. You will name the entry: irc.treasuretrooperchat.com.

In Part B, select the Login Method shown. Then enter your chat password (it will appear in asterisks).

Posted Image

15. Next we will work on the Autojoin channels tab information.
  • A - click the Autojoin channels tab
  • B - click the Add button
  • C - type in the channel name: #treasuretrooper and then hit [Enter] for it to take
  • D - click the Close button
Posted Image

Optional: You can optionally toggle:
Posted Image

Note: If you untoggle the Use global user information option below, you will have to re-enter:
  • Nick name
  • Second choice
  • Real name
  • User name
like you did in Step #12.

Posted Image

16. You will be brought back to the Network List box. With your New Network TT highlighted, I recommend clicking on the Favor button. Your New Network TT will now appear in bold, thus standing out.

Posted Image

Optional: if you choose to toggle
Posted Image

then your New Network TT will no longer show in bold, but will be the only entry you see in your available Network list, and this may make things more helpful to you.

17. I am now looking at my Network list. I have Favored my network and toggled the Show favorites only option to On. Now all I have to do is click the Connect button.

Posted Image

18. If all goes well, you will be logged into the #treasuretrooper chatroom channel and will receive the familiar welcome message that you are accustomed to seeing.

Posted Image

19. At the bottom of the screen, you will see an area beside your chat name where you can type commands and converse.

Posted Image

Final Words of Wisdom:

If you ever need to bring up the Network List dialog box above to make changes, you can do so via Hexchat ->Network List, as shown below:

Posted Image

To have time stamps on your chat messages, go to Settings -> Preferences, then under the Appearance category, check the Enable time stamps option, as shown below. You can also change font settings as well.

Posted Image

To exit the chatroom, you can type /quit from the command line:

Posted Image

then select Hexchat -> Quit from the menu:

Posted Image

If when you login to the chatroom and haven't properly entered your password in the Hexchat Setup, after 90 seconds you will be forced to a Nickname1234 type of chat nickname. To get around this, at your command line, type:

/nick [nickname]   where [nickname] is your correct nickname
/identify [password] where [password] is your chat password

You should then be returned to your proper nickname.
More info here...

If for some reason there is a cached clone of your nickname left behind (can happen if abruptly disconnected), then you may come in cloned, for example, I may come into chat as jenstarums01 instead of jenstarums, because jenstarums is still logged into chat from a previous session. To fix this, I can execute the following commands:

/ns release jenstarums [password] or   /msg nickserv release jenstarums [password]      (releases my chat nick)
/nick jenstarums    (reclaim nick)

Replace jenstarums in the above example with your correct chat nick, and you should be fixed up.

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#10 jonathan21



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Posted 15 April 2015 - 03:09 AM

So far on my phone android IRC has worked the best.It took me a whle to figure out but now have it worked out
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