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BurningMoon Rant Version 1 :P

TT Best GPT Site?

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Posted 17 October 2014 - 03:03 PM

So I made a poll and a rant lol.., most of you know me from the chatroom but for the one's whom dislike the chatroom (get yrself in there soon!) Many good people and stuff to do (sometimes) most times it's dull tho lol... Anyways.., trying to show TreasureTrooper.com my support today.., cause it is THE BEST GPT SITE ONLINE . Funny how I came here too but that is another story for a different day  Since coming here i met some odd, interesting, and kind people whom I will never forget (y'all know whom you are).., get into chatroom people! Nikkums won't bite (hard) :P Best Mods eva met were on here.., well anyways.., I contacted support and they responded within 3 hours and secondary within 5 mins! Fast as lightning shows TreasureTrooper respects members :) I have been in the game years upon years and well TreasureTrooper never let me down whereas other sites have and blatently told me to (yuck off)... it is a business but still there is something about TT... (sips on a lager) i made this page to praise TreasureTrooper.com and employees of TT  It's a respect thing I guess.., I could go on for hours TT this TT that TT great stuff blah blah but I won't  I just was wondering if anyone else had that same respect and connection to this site? Not just the people (if you go into chat - that is a given) but as the site itself  Back in June I took TreasureTrooper for granted.., and today it showed it's true colors and others as well.., BUT TT was spotlighted! This is where I shoulda been always :) TT has an aura around it.., a glowing red one with some blue... IK y'all going call me 'crazy' but idc :P TreasureTrooper has a heart and the people within it also... I think TT has a bright future (hopefully).., most stray from paths but 9 years still 'locked in' when most would 'dual out'... IDK how or why you do it TT but yr like a part of my family! :) and ik many others feel the same way - they just show it differently  Btw if anyone was to read this- support/ admin told me the September contest should be tallied by mid  November at the latest and the funds won't go locked in :) - just relaying a message they sent to me earlier so don't worry! :P

Thank You for letting me have a chance to be apart of this TreasureTrooper.com! I feel respected and at home here :)

And it shows ;) Never would I rant online in a forum (without wondering if i'm being judged) TT helped me there too :P
Back in June I was extremely secluded - online forums mostly made me feel excluded.., Then on June 1/ May 30th I logged onto TreasureTrooper and it was weird.., but idk.., after I came on here.., I started talking to my ex-wife again and in a way ik it was this sites 'mojo'.., I owe a lot to TreasureTrooper.com.., things that.., you know will stick in your heart forever... Not to mention friendships that have the potential to last a lifetime in chat :P It's funny how people refuse to show true feelings but not hear for anything but a fair chance at making honest cash :) The meeting people came latter and that is what really hit home :) If you are new to TreasureTrooper and find surveys failing.., just remember this:
'Keep the Faith' at least TreasureTrooper is fair :) Stick it out and watch both your wallet and mind expand :)

Blessed Be Troopers!
(hoping I didn't bore y'all) :P

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