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Important info about account deletion

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Posted 03 August 2005 - 01:55 PM

We have found 4 accounts that were obviously lying about offers they had completed, and their accounts have been deleted accordingly.   We will likely find more when it comes time for account audits, but these were people that went through and just clicked "done" for every offer without ever completing them.

We put a lot of trust in our members.  We treat them like adults and expect them to behave accordingly.  We use the trust system so that we can give fun goodies immediately after you click "done" like gold coins and the pearl game.  If we had to approve each one individually, it would take extra time before you received these goodies.  We are realistic and realize that there will be rotten apples who will test us and see what they can get away with.  Be aware that just because we allow you to click "done" next to an offer by no means indicates that we will simply take your word for it.  Our tracking system is top notch and will weed out any liars that may be posing as decent human beings.

That said, we have lots of great members who have been doing a lot of offers legitimately and adding large numbers to their "amount pendings."  Keep up the good work everybody, and lets work together to make this site a fun, friendly, and honest place to be a part of.

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