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Suggestion Thread

01 April 2019 - 08:48 PM

It is no secret that TreasureTrooper's success has always been directly linked to our ability to listen to our members and apply their suggestions.  We'd like to streamline this process via this forum thread.  We will be checking this thread regularly, but with heightened purpose at the beginning of each month as we look to set the goals and tasks for that month.  Here are some general suggestion guidelines...

A Bad Suggestion Is:
1) Make the site easier to understand (Ok, but HOW can we do that?)
2) Make the site better and more fun (Too general and doesn't help us in any way)
3) Make the offers approve better (We have no control over this)
4) Pay us more per action (Payout is set based upon what is financially sustainable for the company)
5) Give us more prizes (A trap that other sites have fallen into and subsequently gone belly up.  We believe in being responsible with our resources for the good of the long term.  All rewards systems have been carefully developed and are part of a sensitive ecosystem of various coordinating formulas)

A Good Suggestion Is:
1) Make a feature that does this (and explain the thought process)
2) Give me better reporting with regards to "abc"
3) The text on page "xyz" is unclear and could maybe be reworded this way...

Any good suggestion will be followed with a clear definition of why you believe its a good suggestion, and the suggested path we should take to accomplish your request.

When posting a suggestion, please use the following format:

MAIN SITE (this tells us what the suggestion is regarding.  Other potential titles include FORUM and FACEBOOK APP

Suggestion presented here in 1 or 2 sentences.

Reason this is important.  How will this benefit TreasureTrooper and its members?

Steps you believe we should take towards the completion of this suggestion.

<end sample>

Please note that not all suggestions will be implemented, but we can promise you that they will each be taken seriously and we will thoughtfully respond to each one (as long as its a good suggestion as previously defined, and in the proper format).

Thanks Troopers!  Together, we will continue to make this the #1 incentive site on the internet!

PopUp Contest - Ended

02 December 2018 - 04:06 PM

Posted Image

Will you be the trooper lucky enough to guess how many candies there are total? If so, you'll get 15 Dragon Scales!

Each trooper is allowed only one guess per day! Each new day begins at 1 AM EST.

This contest will run until the exact number of candies has been guessed or until Dec 25th, where a winner will be determined by who was closest to the exact number.

Edited posts will not count and will disqualify your guess for that day.

Good Luck Troopers!

Treasure Seek : Christmas Edition Discussion Thread

26 November 2018 - 07:05 PM

If you have any questions about the current Treasure Seek : Christmas Edition contest, or want to discuss it, this is the place to do it!

Treasure Seek : Christmas Edition

26 November 2018 - 06:59 PM

There are a few rules and caveats to this game that will take some effort to understand.  Please take the time to READ THIS POST CAREFULLY before playing.  Any questions, hit the discussion thread.

There are 400 numbered Christmas Presents sitting in a room and your fellow troopers are hiding in them.  Find them!

There are two objectives to this game and each comes with a $5 cash prize, as well as 30 dragon scales! #1: Be the last person still hiding at the end of the game. #2: Find the most hiding spots of other people during the course of this game.  It is possible for there to be a tie in either objective which would result in splitting of the prize money.  Either way, $10 & 60 dragon scales will be given away!

I, Nikkums, will be moderating this contest.  At any given time (usually once per day), I will announce the beginning of a new Treasure Seek round.  Once we have announced the round, everybody that is still hiding may make 1 post during that round at any time.  Your post must be in this format:


The number represents your guess for that round.  If your guess uncovers another Trooper or more (yes there may be more then one hiding in the same Christmas Present) you will get a point and that person will be eliminated from the game.  It is up to you to keep track of which numbers have already been guessed.  Seeking a number that has already been named will only result in you wasting your turn for that round.  If your post has been edited, your guess will not count.

It is possible to earn power-ups in this game.  To activate a power-up, you must post in the thread at any time in the following format:


The three available power-ups are as follows:

HOHOHO : Complete 5 Daily Surveys in a day and get one FREE open.  It must be used during the same day that it is earned and it must be immediately followed by your free open. You may use more than one of these power-ups in one round.  If you attempt to use this power-up and you have not actually earned it... YOU WILL BE ELIMINATED

SNOW FORT : Complete 10 offers in a day and get immunity from elimination. It must be used during the same day that it is earned.  Once activated, the player earns a snow fort for the current round and the next 2 that protect them from being eliminated. You may not use it if you see that your number has already been picked.  The snow fort must be up beforehand. If your number is chosen, the snow fort is removed and the players are notified that one of the last rounds guesses were correct but the player was saved from elimination. All of those numbers should then be considered as potential hiding places for that player!  If you attempt to use this power-up and you have not actually earned it... YOU WILL BE ELIMINATED

ELF ON A SHELF: Complete any 5 Study Storms (excluding Study Storm 3) in a day to use this power-up.  It must be used during the same day that it is earned.  Be sure to include the name of the person you are sleuthing on. Through careful study and observation, you are able to help everybody determine which 100 presents that person is hiding in.  If the same person is peeped on a second time it will be narrowed down to 50 and a third and final time will narrow it down to 25! You may use more than one of these power-ups in one round. If you attempt to use this power-up and you have not actually earned it... YOU WILL BE ELIMINATED

There may be Traps and Treasures hidden in specific presents as well.  Treasures may be power-ups or virtual currency for use on TreasureTrooper (scales, gold coins, pearls, etc).  The potential traps are as follows:

BAH HUMBUG SLUG : You open the present and find a Jack in the Box!  You wind it slowly with anticipation.  Suddenly, the music stops and a boxing glove springs out punching you in the face.  You are knocked out and will be unable to participate during the next round!

GLITTER BOMB : You open a present and an explosion of glitter erupts, covering you from head to toe. As you run back to your hiding spot, you leave a trail of glitter making it easier for others to find where you are hiding.  Everybody is told which 100 presents you are hiding in: (example: Treasure is hiding somewhere in presents 100-199!).  Get hit with another Glitter Bomb, and your position will be further triangulated.

GRINCH BOMB : When this is activated, money will fall from the sky and you will have a choice to make.  If you are the first one to post GRINCH! you will get the money.  Anybody who posts GRINCH! (even if you aren't the first) is leaving their hiding place to make a grab for the money.  In the process, your hiding place is revealed and you are eliminated!

If somebody correctly opens the present where you are hiding, you will be eliminated! If you post anything other than a variation of what is detailed above, you will be eliminated!  If you attempt to guess more than once in a round without the appropriate power-up, you will be eliminated!  If you attempt to use a power-up you did not earn, you will be eliminated!  If you look at me funny, you will be.... well just don't look at me funny. :P Good luck everybody!

Disclaimer: If you do not actively participate in at least 7 rounds by the time only one active participant is left, or you do not participate in at least 1 of the 3 rounds prior to there being only one active participant left, you will evacuate your present and be disqualified for inactivity and ineligible to win. Active participation will only be counted toward valid posts that follow the rules. Posts that include a number that has already been picked previously do not count towards active participation unless I state numbers should be reconsidered.

If you have any questions or comments about this contest, you can post them here.

Treasure Seek : Christmas Edition Sign Up Closed

26 November 2018 - 06:32 PM

Our next forum game will be starting soon. Treasure Seek: Christmas Edition is a fun game of intuition and dumb luck that will give you the opportunity to open up 1 of 400 presents each and every day until the contest ends. Will you find delightful presents, or perhaps a hefty lump of coal inside your chosen gift?

Unlike Treasure Tag, you don't need to repeatedly check the thread for updates. Just check back once per day with your guess. Miss a day? No problem! In addition to the goodies inside the presents, there will also be two $10 winners for this free to play contest. Full rules can be found here. For now, if you would like to play, you must follow these 2 instructions.

1) Add a post to this thread that says, "You'll never find me!"
2) Email nikki@treasuretrooper.com with the following: Your forum name and a number between 1 and 400.

Write your number down and DO NOT TELL ANYBODY! If somebody figures out your number, you will end up eliminated from the game so keep it safe. Think of it as your hiding spot. Don't be the kid who hides and then starts giggling when you get near him.

If we get at least 30 participants who will actively participate, we will start this contest on December 3rd!