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2017 College Football Contest

15 July 2017 - 07:00 PM

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Welcome to your 9th Annual - 2017 College Football Contest!

To date, I have 7 college football games booked to attend in person.
7 in Iowa City, IA


Post #1 - Main Thread & Rules
Post #2 - The Contestants & Weekly Point Totals
Post #3 - Schedule Of Weekly Games

Prize Money -  
1st - $40.
2nd - $30.
3rd - $20.
4th - 15th - $5. each
Bonus - The top three who beat Hawkeye (not tie) win an additional $5.00

Rules: (contest requires one weekly post)
1. 1st week starts Saturday September 2nd for a minimum of 12 weeks (a minimum of 10 games per week) - 1 point each + any applicable bonus points.
2. Post Season Bowl Games - "no bonus points" start (Saturday Dec. 16th) - 3 Points each - this year I will probably cut in half and pick two weeks of ten each.
3. Semifinal Games (2) start (Monday Jan. 1st) - 5 points each.
4. FCS National Championship (Saturday Jan. 6th) - 2 Points + National Championship (Monday Jan. 8th) - 10 points.
5. Pick the winner each game - always a 50-50 chance of correct answer!
6. All games each week will be posted no later than Sunday evening for the following Saturday.
7. One entry per member per week.
8. You may revise your (original post only) each week up to kickoff of any scheduled 1st game for that week (roughly 11 AM CST on Saturdays). I do not hold it against any contestant if they post late but points will be "only" allowed if any game has not started after you post late!
9. All payments at the conclusion of the contest will be paid by PayPal or Money Order only.
10. In case of any ties at the conclusion of the contest, 1st winning post starting with the National Championship and going backwards will prevail.
11. Any contestant who will be gone the full week of any contest (Sunday, from the posting of any weekly contest, through Saturday of the first scheduled games) may PM me with the details and I will post your picks for you. Only picks allowed will be favorites of any opening line. Bonus Points excluded.

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Feel free to discuss anything related to college football - contest, questions, your favorite team, etc.

Peace, Love, & Happiness