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About Me

I LOVE Treasure Trooper!:)

About Me:

I love to laugh and create. Whether it's a sketch, a website, a novel, a piece of clothing or a birdhouse, I love anything artistic. Music is also a huge part of my life. No matter what I'm doing, you can always find me with my ipod on shuffle. I'm also interested in everything pertaining to science. Especially biology and psychology. The shelves in my room are stacked with books because I read anything I can get my hands on. Any type of book, any genre, you hand it to me and I'll read it. Writing is also a hobby of mine, and I've spent many a late night getting all my ideas down on paper before I can forget them. If I'm not working on some project, you'll find me outside camping, hiking, horseback riding or swimming. I love being outside in the fresh air with nature, and because of it, I tend to travel around the Northwest a lot. I generally bounce back and forth between Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada and California. Traveling and exploring new places is what I live for.

Movies That I Love:

Fight Club
Inglourious B*******s (Not sure if I can say that word on here, although it's not even spelled the same way, lol@ Quintin Terantino)
ALL Mystery Science Theater Movies (MST3Ks) WOO best movies EVER!
Kill Bill Volume 1
Kill Bill Volume 2
Star Trek 09'
The Last Of The Mohicans
Hard Candy
O Brother, Where Art Thou?
The Simpsons Movie
Pow Wow Highway
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
This Is Spinal Tap
Knocked Up
Dirty Harry
Little Miss Sunshine
Walk The Line
True Women
Forrest Gump
Into The West
Hang 'Em High
A Man Called Horse
The Darwin Awards
A Boy and His Dog
Soylent Green
Logan's Run
Gran Torino
The Graduate
Monsters, Inc.
The Princess Bride
Iron Man
Winnie the Pooh
Disney's The Lion King
Beauty and the Beast
Toy Story (1,2&3)
Pride & Prejudice
Jennifer's Body

Goals for 2010:

-Make $500
-Complete the $100 Treasure Hunt
-Join a Guild
-Create a Blog About TT
-Get 50 Referrals
-Make friends


3/09/10 -Rejoined the Treasure Trooper world and began actively completing offers. Current Earnings: $12

3/13/10 -Just made it to the $20 minimum! It's my first time and I am so excited! :) Current Earnings $24.31

4/15/10 -Current earnings: $57.21!

April   -Made minimum payout for the first time with $35! It felt great to get my very first Treasure Trooper check!

5/2/10  -Added a few dozen bills to Treasure Tracker. So far I have one added story on one of my earlier bills, but no referrals.

June    -Got another check! Woo!

8/4/10  -Signed up for the huge August contest. Shooting for at least 50 points so my partner and I can win the bonus! Current Earnings: $72.57

10/23/10 -Sick again. But REALLY glad the cash clicks are back!

My Social Networks (Friend Me! I love to meet TT buddies!)

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My Favorite Sites (All Tested For Awesomeness)

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How Swag Bucks Works:

****.com is an online portal dedicated to helping you earn digital dollars called "Swag Bucks", which can be redeemed for exclusive ****.com merchandise (or your favorite Band/Celebrity/Sports Team/TV Show/News Station merchandise). Simply put, you get points for using a search engine like Google. You can earn Swag Bucks by doing the following:

-Searching the web (like you do already on Google or Yahoo)
-Taking Surveys
-Shopping Online
-Voting In Daily Polls
-Sending Prize Photos and Videos
-Watching Videos
-Inviting Your Friends (Referrals)
-Completing Offers
-Finding Swag Codes (Hidden randomly around the site and on the blogs and facebook pages)
-Trading In Cell Phones And Video Games

Swag Bucks Questions That Have Been Posed To Me (That I Also Wanted To Know When I Signed UP):

Q: Is it real? Does it really work? Will it spam me? I guess what I'm asking is: a. Is it worth my time? and b. Is it reputable and safe?
A: The answer to the first three questions is yes, yes and no. I would like to assure everyone that Swag Bucks is JUST as reputable as TT. The will NEVER spam you or misuse your information, and yes, it is defiantly worth your time. It really DOES work, and all you have to do is search like you would normally and rack up points. Then once you have enough, you can cash them in for your choice of prizes.

Q: Is it free?
A: YES! It's totally free!

Q: Have you researched it? Did you find any ripoff reports?
A: YES! It is ALWAYS important to research every website you decide to give ANY information to. Personally, I haven't found any ripoff reports or complaints about this company or the search engine itself. And I do pretty extensive checks. ;)

Q: How do I find my favorite Band/Celeb/Sports Team to search with? And What is this feature anyway?
A: You can find your favorite Band/Celeb/Sports Team to search with after you sign up under the "All Swag Bucks Sits" tab. Good question! This is actually one of my favorite features. You can pick your favorite Celeb/Band/TV Show/Sports Team/News Station/Much More to search with and use their website to earn specific merchandise. So, instead of using the main site to earn basic points that you can redeem for ipods and cash and generic prizes like that, you can pick your favorite other Swag Bucks site to use and earn site specific merchandise like tee-shirts or albums. So, say you like the band I'm using, Collective Soul. You would sign in to THAT site and start searching and earning through it just like you would the regular Swag Bucks page. The "Bucks" you earn with the Collective Soul Swag Bucks page count towards Collective Soul specific merchandise like their band tee-shirts and their latest album. Generally they have REALLY cool prizes (for fangirls like me) that include signed tee-shirts and albums and posters and things like that. Other pages like the sports pages offer cool sports prizes. So say you wanted to win your favorite football team's merchandise. You'd click on their site and start using it the same way you would the Swag Bucks.

Q: How long does it take to get these prizes? Are they actually achievable?
A: Yes, they are actually achievable. For me, I'm almost to my goal of redeeming a Collective Soul Band Tee-shirt. Prizes like small amounts of Paypal cash can be earned fairly quickly.

Q: How often do you win?
A: If you use the site every day, you'll win every day. (Meaning that if you use the site at all during the day you're bound to win at least once a day.) But generally I find that you will win on the second or third time you search, then about 1/7 each time after that. When there's a few hours between searches, it resets back to the second or third search winning.

Q: Have any winning tips for me?
A: Yes! Check out these awesome tips!


-Need To Search the Web? Do It With ****.com (or your favorite Swag Bucks Site). Instead of going to Google or Yahoo or any other search engine, just do it at ****.com. You'll win every day.

-Get the toolbar. I can't say this enough. Get the toolbar get the toolbar get the toolbar. It makes it SO much easier to search and win. Plus it has all sorts of other goodies, AND you get paid Swag Bucks just to download it, AND you will get paid Swag Bucks randomly (at least twice a day in my experience) when you simply open your browser and surf the net! It also makes it easier to find hidden codes, stay in touch with the latest news and sites, view your current total without having to go to your profile, connect with social networks and so much more...

-Invite your friends. Yall are Treasure Troopers. I don't even need to explain this now do I? You win and they win. It's totally win/win. ;)

-Watch videos. It's easy, quick, free, and interesting. And you get paid to boot, WOO!

-Take the surveys. Again, I'm talking to Treasure Troopers here. Yall got this concept well in hand.

-Trade it in. Earn Swag Bucks and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint. Got a new phone in the last few years? Then send Swag Bucks your old cell phone and wthey'll reward you with big bucks! Replace your old dust-collecting cellular with an exclusive ****.com prize! There's no limit to how many phones you can recycle!

-Vote in the polls. It's a quick, easy and fun way to see what's happening and to boost your account.

-Make your Swag Bucks site of choice your home page.

-Promote promote promote! Get your personal banners and referral links and make it easy for your forum friends to sign up! Remember that just like on TT, you win when they win!

-Read the blog. Whenever you got a spare minute, check the blog for codes or upcoming events where codes will be listed. It's a quick way to boost your account and they post codes ALL the time. I don't really do this all that often but I do check it when I have a minute or so to kill every now and then.

-Keep up with the Facebook/Twitter account. The Swag Guy (the creator of the website) is always posting exclusive codes to his fans/followers. It really makes checking the pages out worth while.

-Get the newsletter. This is optional to everyone, but if you get the newsletter you can get the latest news, updates and the occasional code delivered right into your inbox. I like it because I can check out everything that's new once a week and still stay on top of the site.

Check out the sites below! See one of your faves? Sign up here and then start searching and winning!

Websites That You Can Search And Win Special Prizes With

Here's Some Examples Of The Sites You Can Use

- Breaking Benjamin
- Chester Bennington
- Incubus
- KoRn
- Pantera
- Enrique Iglesias
- Hilary Duff
- Maroon 5
- Matchbox Twenty
- Owl City
- Plain White Ts
- Miranda Lambert
- Kanye West
- Lil Wayne
- The Atlanta Falcons
- The Carolina Panthers
- The Cincinnati Bangals
- The Jacksonville Jaguars
- The New Orleans Saints
- The New York Giants
- The San Diego Chargers
- Sport Fight TV
- The Colts
- The Green Bay Packers
- The UCLA Bruins
- The Vikings
- Ozzy Osbourne
- The Who
- CW11
- Fox59
- Music For Relief
- Reddenberry.com (Star Trek)
- Shinedown
- Barry Manilow
- Collective Soul (Click HERE to sign up directly with Collective Soul and to be my friend!)
- Hootie And The Blowfish
- Los Lonely Boys
- Rob Thomas
- Senses Fail
- All Time Low
- Story Of The Year
- Sum 41
- The Spill Canvas
- The Used
- We Shoot The Moon
- We The Living
- Yellowcard
- Colt Ford
- Honey Honey
- Lady Antebellum
- Pat Green
- Willie Nelson
- Wynonna
- Snop Dogg
- T-Pain
- TNA Wrestling
- Randy Moss
- Allen Iverson
- Meat Loaf
- Night Ranger
- Skid Row
- Ted Nugent
- ZZ Top
- Buddy Rich
- 39 Prize Search
- DC 50
- Fox Channels 17, 61, 59 and more
- Music For Relief
- SigEP
- Tila Tequila
- WGN (America, 9, Radio)
- NuVo
- Darkness
And many, many more.

So that's a taste of Swag Bucks. Want to learn more? Click on the banners and check out the website or message me and ask me anything you like! I'd also love hearing about other sites that you use and enjoy.

Alenidasdi Ganvhida ale Tsudvdi :)

[center](Live Long and Prosper in Cherokee)

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