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FREE 8 Pack Ice Mountain Sparkling Water

09 September 2019 - 09:34 AM

***September 2019 only***

Do you enjoy refreshing beverages and live in one of the following states?

Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota
Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Kentucky

Visit Nestle's Ice Mountain Promo page to request a coupon for a FREE 8 pack of Sparkling Water by mail: https://pages.nestle...m/im-rsw-promo/

Try it out, then report back on your favorite flavor! :D :P :D

Dig Site Walkthrough (Summer 2019)

25 May 2019 - 08:03 AM

Are you new to Dig Sites at TreasureTrooper and want to know more before jumping in? This guide is for you!

How many times have you been excited to earn Arrowheads, so you gather your excavation tools and head to your favorite Dig Site, only to be overwhelmed at the huge number of offers available? The fear of spending time on an offer that wasn’t destined to convert is very real for many members, so is there a way to tell “good” or easy offers from “bad” or inconsistent offers?

The answer is yes and no. This guide will give you a few general tips to maximize your success in the Dig Sites, along with some specific recommendations for each Dig Site to use in this weekend's 10% boost promotion (over 800 Arrowheads in suggested offers below!)

5 Tips for Success

Know yourself. What types of offers do you prefer? Some users only do high-paying offers such as trials and surveys. Some users only sort their dig site lists from Low-High and go for easier offers that add up quickly. But the vast majority of us are willing to do all types of offers, within reason.

Don’t stop after every completion. Once you've hit your stride earning, resist the urge to bounce around after every completion to another Dig Site, or even worse, go and refresh the “My Treasure” page compulsively. This will prematurely end an earning session that could have been epic. Once you’ve completed the requirements for an offer, no amount of refreshing or checking or waiting will change the outcome, so continue your earning spree and do as many offers as you can! Then, at the end, go back and review your spoils of war. More fun and more money.

Follow the leader. Have you ever used “Happening Now” as a guide to your day? If you can match the Arrowhead value to the correct offer, you already know it’s recently been “hot” for others. Follow the crowd, or pick a power earner who is on a streak and mimic their activity. It’s a no-brainer!

Identify the trends and the clunkers. There are only so many Pepsi vs Coke info submits we can all do before we realize doing every single one of them and hoping for credit isn’t feasible. In general, the more duplicated an offer is and the further down the list chronologically the offer is, the less likely it is to credit reliably. TreasureTrooper controls neither the offer supply nor the payment for any of these, so be wise as you adventure and note any patterns for the future to save yourself time. Also, watch out for an offer redirecting to an unrelated page once expired!

Know how offers work. The whole point is that you are trying things you are interested in. Advertisers want to connect their products and services with unique, interested individuals, aka leads. If you submit the same (email) address from the same IP address over and over to a business, it’s like trying to walk into a retail store in real life wearing a fake mustache and shouting, "Hellloooo everyone! New customer here!"

Site Summaries and Hot Picks

Site #1: OfferToro
Primarily features apps for both Android and iOS that range from low to high pay. Sort by Newest and scroll down as far as you can to see other offers. Operates on a significant delay for approvals, so don’t fret if you don’t see credit right away. Reach out to OfferToro Support courteously and with proof when you know you completed the app requirements but the Dig Site did not receive approval from the advertiser.

Easy Picks: Coupon Print, Download and Open app offers.

Challenging but Lucrative: Final Fantasy XV, Vikings: War of Clans and World War Rising. All pay well. Watch for instructions such as “must be completed within x number of days” so you can plan accordingly, with the goal being fast and furious completion. Look for player guilds that provide in-game bonuses to help you reach your goal faster. Most of these are very similar “Builder” type idle games, and if the requirement is level 10-12 Castle/Citadel, it is doable in a day or two of casual play. Avoid ones that pay slightly more for a much more difficult threshold that you can’t tell is difficult (50-100k power), and check Dig Site 5 before downloading to compare pays for any identical offers there.

Site #2: Peanut Labs
Everything from surveys to email submits to mobile apps and free trials. Seems to have slowed down a little lately despite having a well-stocked queue for me. Try it on both a Desktop/Laptop device as well as your cell phone to troubleshoot in the event you aren’t seeing many offers. Bypass any cookie-cutter offers, as these tend to be unreliable/inconsistent. (Example: *42 arrowheads* -  “Enter for your chance to receive $1000!” with only the picture changing from a visa card to walmart, etc) It may still be worth a shot to try one once in a blue moon, though.

Hot Picks: RewardBee (typically mentions $30 in Reward Points), Ebates & Atkins. (~100 Arrowheads) Look for “sign up and save” offers in the 10-35 arrowhead range. Above this amount, the difficulty usually increases with additional tasks after signup. Sort Low to High and get your 1-click offers in daily.

Site #3: Revenue Universe
Of our 7 current Dig Sites, this one might be my favorite. No, not because they price their OP4G surveys at far less than what we offer users on our main Cash Wall. :P
Because they tend to have a tremendous variety of  smaller, “hot” offers, and they tend to approve consistently on a slight delay. Beware: This tricky wall will absolutely continue to show you offers you have already completed, but you can only receive credit once, so keep track!

Hot Picks: Facebook Portal, Atkins, Harp Refinance, AARP, RetailMeNot (“So many ways to save”), Betty Crocker, Pillsbury. (Picks Value: 150+ Arrowheads) Note: Many of these same offers are available in Dig Site 5 for a slightly higher premium, so check there first for availability.

Site #4: Tap Research
If you haven’t already completed your Tap Research profile, you are missing out on one of the most reliable, addictive features available on TreasureTrooper. Tap offers a disqualification bonus on most surveys when you don’t fully complete. However, unintentionally going too fast (what I call “Survey Frenzy”) or intentionally disqualifying/gaming their generous policy can result in you being banned from disqualification Arrowheads, or from the Dig Site entirely! This is one case in which I would recommend taking a break and switching to another feature after about 20-30 minutes of being on a roll, just to be safe.

Site #5: AdGateRewards
Some of the best paying free trials, surveys and easy email submits out there. But its true strength for contest players is in its credit card and shopping offers. If you have some money to invest, you can probably find a way to turn a quick profit as well as support a good cause. In the case of non-profits, you may not get every donation penny back in incentives, but that’s ok. On the lower end, some members (like myself) choose to start every day with the 2pt coupon print offers as a reliable warm up routine after the Daily Poll.

Hot Picks: Facebook Portal, Atkins, RetailMeNot, Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, MS Awareness, SavvyConnect (Picks Value: 360+ Arrowheads)

Site #6: Opinion Capital Surveys
Some huge knockout potential with these surveys, many of which run through the popular YourSurveys and SampleCube routers. Make use of the slider to increase the maximum payout of the surveys it is offering you. Beware that this Dig Site has reversed credit for panel signups that are not kept active after initial registration (once in my case, anyway). This is a prime example of a Dig Site you want to grind out for tons of Arrowheads when it is paying out instead of getting distracted. Think of it like working out mentally at the gym: “Just one more…” survey until you have enough for your favorite Gift Card.

Site #7: AdWall
Another dynamic offer wall with many categories. Search through all tabs, not just Featured. Adwall gets the “Wild Wild West” Free Trial Award for most inconsistent crediting based on my xp, but absolutely makes up for that in spades with great Customer Support reps should you experience a delay. Be sure to have proof and be courteous as always when appealing for credit. If you purchased from a Trial that redirected to a completely different offer, you may not have a good argument, so always be sure to verify the landing page matches the initial description 100%.

Hot Picks: Ebates, Insurance Zip Code Submits, RewardBee, SurveyTopper, Quality Health, GasBuddy (need to link Bank Account) (Picks Value: ~250 Arrowheads)

Thanks for reading, everyone! Hope this helped you explore your options!
What offers are you excited about that approved for you that aren’t listed here?