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In Topic: St. Patrick's Day Contest (2020)

21 March 2020 - 01:54 AM

I'm in! #1125559

Here are my completions-

1) Complete 25 searches
2) Claim chatroom scales at least 2x
6) Complete any YourSurveys Daily Cash Offer for $.60
10) Win 1 Dragon Battle (Fight Night excluded)
9) Send a tweet to @TreasureTrooper OR comment on any recent tweet using the hashtag #Treasuretrooper (must be positive in nature)
  Do 2 battles count? :)

My dragon "BlueSnowFire" just won a vicious battle @TreasureTrooper! https://treasuretrooper.com/1125559

Oh yes. I love winning Dragon Battles! :)


Good luck Everybody!

I DID IT! #1125559