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14 October 2019 - 07:35 PM

Hi,I am Babs, my husband's nickname for me is Babsalot (from a joke about me "babbles alot" cause I talk all the time haha) so for 5 yrs I've been Babs to everyone
I'm new here and newer to gpt sites. I am a longtime member of many survey sites and product testing/sampling sites so I'm familiar with some things. Some of it is new to me. I want to learn the best way to maximize my earnings and potential to increase future earnings.
It's good to be here. It seems a decent forum for information and look forward to reading thru it
Please introduce yourself,tell me how long you've been on this site and give me one good piece of advice to begin with. I love to hear from more experienced members and pay it forward down the road when I am able.