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I am a human.

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    I am a bird watcher (Treasure: I dunno, you're the bird watcher) and Treasure taught me everything he knows, so its up to me now.


    Krazigirl79's idea: (Proof: (<Noor> What else should I put instead of dots?), (<Krazigirl79> These ~~~).
    Treasure's funny quotes:

    Treasure's bird watching tips (TreasureChat was the one that started it):
    1. You have to sneak up on them slowly or they get scared and run away.

    2. You have to pretend like you're not focusing just on the bird itself.... pretend like you're enjoying the surrounding forest as well.

    3. Sometimes you'll come across a nest that is pretty big, and you have to really look hard to find the bird inside, but once you do, it'll be worth the effort.

    4. You really gotta be patient, otherwise the bird will hide.

    How it all started:
    Treasure: what's a clitoris?
    TreasureChat: it sounds like a bird

    Comments to the tips:
    ShiningStar: you're going to give me a heartattack
    * hockeyman1 slaps his forhead*
    TreasureChat: roflol
    ReallyNeatGirl: i can't stop laughing......
    hockeyman1: if only Nanten were here *shakes head*
    ThinkPink: OH MY GOD
    ThinkPink: TREASURE
    hockeyman1: STOP!!!
    TreasureChat: Treasures motto is get in get out leave no evidence
    * TreasureChat pukes


    Treasure: ok, everybody guess what I do
    Treasure: lol... I screw people over their money....


    Treasure pretending to be a trooper:
    Trooper02: Hi I'm new to TreasureTrooper
    Trooper02: Can anybody tell me where I go to meet pretty girls? I was told there would be pretty girls.
    Trooper02: please, I'm really insecure
    Trooper02: But I was promised there'd be pretty girls here.
    Trooper02: My friend told me that if I signed up under him I could have pretty girls.
    Trooper02: hmmm, well I guess I could settle for semi-attractive women.
    Trooper02: I'm ok with hair under the armpits....


    Treasure: I tie up dolls in my basement
    Treasure: and talk to them
    Treasure: sometimes I let them eat
    Treasure: Does that make me sick?
    Treasure: No, I like to think it just makes me special.


    In The Air Tonight: it's nice to join tt for the first time and get 60 bucks in spare time
    In The Air Tonight: i'm going to donate it to the Saint Joesph hospital for the blind
    Treasure: they'll never see that one coming
    Treasure: ... sorry, just a little humor at the expense of those less fortunate


    <Nantenchild> You said that blackmailing was to be kept secret =|
    <Nantenchild> I'll just have to send those pics of you to the court =|
    <Treasure> NOOOOOOO
    <Treasure> I needed the money
    <Nantenchild> Uh huh, I am emotionally distressed
    <Treasure> It was a desperate time for me
    <Nantenchild> Uh huh


    <Treasure> That's ok, I get my period once a sentence.


    <Treasure> If my son ever started hitting me with a pipe when I was trying to beat my wife...
    <Treasure> I'd probably lose it.


    <Treasure> If I like women in underwear I'm gay?


    *Treasure yawns like a tiger*
    <Treasure> (yes a real tiger)


    <Treasure> "Daddy, why don't you love me anymore?"
    <Treasure> please don't lick our offers
    <Treasure> woah, settle down grandma


    <Trooper> how do you know all this stuff about me
    <Trooper> ip's?
    <Treasure> nah
    <Treasure> your mom told me


    *Treasure sighs*
    <Treasure> I'm a guy, just for the record
    <Treasure> (this is going in hockey's quote isn't it)
    <MoneySeeker> Seriously now........don't confuse me.
    *Treasure unzips*




    Lothar23> "Who's trying to kill you, Mr. Donut-head Man?" "I don't know, but they better not."
    <Lothar23> Whoa!! That's not good, I'm not happy, oh no!!!
    <Lothar23> Ree ree ree ree ree ree


    hockeyman1:"I like cheesesteaks", "I LOVE the smell of coffee, I just don't like the taste xD", "I sound like an idiot with the s"

    Jess:"ashes make me sick", "if i have a girl its going on ebay"

    Lothar23:"like's Earthworm Jim", "plays SNES and vanquishes evil sometimes"(source: hockeyman1)

    TreasureChat:"hates Snowflake with a deep, burning passion"(source: hockeyman1)

    Nantenchild:"from the carribean"(source: Jess)

    Lupine1647:"only 17 and hes so serious all the time"(source: Jess)

    Treasure:"I can't be a bounty hunter... I have no reason to smile", "He likes to pretend to be animals, particularly a lion"(source: hockeyman1), " says so many funny things"(source: hockeyman1), "well, its not my fault that you have a "bird""(source: Charmane)

    Mabutu:"Mabutu wears nothing below the counter"(source: Treasure)

    spasticfleisch:"Spastic can speak German very well"(source: hockeyman1)

    Noor:"Noor is a stalker"(source: Nantenchild)

    TreasureTreasurer:"I'm bringing sexy back", "he likes it when people use unique words in conversation"(source: hockeyman1)

    Chrizkatore:"There's three kinds of people in this world. The gullible, the manipulative, and the ones who just shake their head and walk away, dissappointed with humanity. * Chrizkatore shakes head *"

    Charmane:"guess my bird is hot"


    Chrizkatore's ways of killing himself:
    1. I'll do something flashy, maybe I'll decide to be the first ever recorded death from caffeine overdose. That would be kind of fun, grab $1000 worth of those caffeiene chocolates at thinkgeek and just engorge myself.

    2. Better yet, I'd grab the whole set of Final Destination DVD's.
    That should give me some nice ideas, too

    Current percentage of him killing himself:
    0.0000062%, if Nanten dissappeared, TT failed, and all known connections to the internet failed as my family died in a plan crash at the same time.


    Number's I like: twelve, twenty five, thirty, two, one, six, nine, thirteen fifteen, five, sixteen.

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