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Survey Stampede 2019

01 January 2019 - 05:30 PM

Hiya, Troopers! This thread is for ongoing tips during January's Survey Stampede, and for sharing the best ways to earn the maximum amount of credits possible per day.

Trooper-Friendly Updates: 2019's Stampede includes a massive "new" list of repeatable surveys found under Cash Offers that we tested last Fall. Additionally, we are now allowing unlimited Study Storms and Survey Seekers to count toward your Credit total! (Previously capped at 30)

I will start things off with a General Trooper Tip: Start your day with Daily Surveys you prefer to begin building your credits at a rate of 2 per completion. Then, switch over to Study Storms or the many surveys listed under Cash Offers.  

An average of as few as 4 Daily Survey completions (8 Credits) will put you over the $17 Bonus mark for the month, not including any Storms, Seekers or Offers completed!

What is your favorite survey to complete, and what survey taking tips do you have for new members?

October's Survey Seeker Challenge!

29 September 2018 - 01:22 PM

It's time for a Survey Seeker Challenge, Troopers!

Posted Image

From October 3rd - October 13th we are offering 5 Platinum Coins + 10 Dragon Scales when you complete $15 in Survey Seekers! It's perfect timing, because I've just reloaded the Say So For Good Seeker queue. Qualifying rates should be boosted on even the most high-paying Seekers!

To kick things off, we're having a Survey Seeker Party on Wednesday, October 3rd! Join us in chat from 3-5pm CST for free prizes, random arrow storms, and get your fill of free Dragon Scales when another chat member's Survey Seekers credit!

*Signup is required so we can track your progress and apply your bonus!*

1) To signup, comment with "I'm in!" below along with your TT ID #
Example: "I'm in! #1000000"
2) Join us for the kickoff party in chat and get started on your $15 Seeker Challenge!
3) When you've completed your quest, return to this thread to claim your bonus by saying:
"I'm a Survey Seeker Superstar! #1000000" Don't forget to include your TT ID # in this post as well.

Who will be the first to conquer this challenge?
Have a great October and stay tuned for more exciting forum contests!